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- Lee WonChang
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Accessories complete fashion.
La brodée
 creates luxurious and distinctive acessories.

With its independent and creative designs, La brodée is a company that manufactures, distributes, and even trade in accessories. The company is striving hard in order to grow and be recognized as a more luxurious and distinctive accessory brand.

On weekly basis, INEE rolls out new accessory items with sensible designs, distinctive materials, all within a reasonable price range. In addition, by using the its knowledge expertise and constructing a facility that is capable of massive production of hand-made producs, it ha obtained a wide production foundation based on accumulated technology power. 

By universalizing high class and value-added hand-made accessories, La brodée is positioning itself as a company that women can easily turn to for expressing their own sense of beauty. With its distinctive items, the company is continuously introducing creatively designed accessories in order to compete in the market. Moreover, the company is introducing its brand internationally by participating in global trade exhibitions regularly. La brodée will do its best to leap forward as a world class hand-made accessory company, with brand recognition in the near future.


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